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The Age of Anxiety Co-taught by Peter Bratsis and Michael Pelias


Spon­sors of the Sat­ur­day Crit­i­cal Thought series (since 2010) 
Richard Serra 
(4:30–6:30pm): a six week course -$15 per ses­sion or $75 for all six sessions. 

We live in an age of ever increas­ing anx­i­ety and uncer­tain­ty. The com­mu­nal bonds, ide­o­log­i­cal cer­tain­ties, polit­i­cal assump­tions, and even cli­mat­ic pat­terns that once pro­vid­ed struc­ture and pre­dictabil­i­ty are quick­ly van­ish­ing. With­in this emerg­ing vor­tex, indi­vid­u­als attempt to cling to the lit­tle that still seems to be under their con­trol, their indi­vid­u­al­i­ty: their iden­ti­ties and lifestyle choic­es. Con­cur­rent­ly, the pos­si­bil­i­ty of suc­cess also becomes tied to their indi­vid­u­al­i­ty, each indi­vid­ual is investor and invest­ment, a brand to be devel­oped, mar­ket­ed, and exploit­ed. All risks, suc­cess­es, and fail­ures, lay com­plete­ly on the shoul­ders of the individual. 

This six week course will explore this age of anx­i­ety and its fetishiza­tion of the self. The course will be struc­tured around Kon­stan­ti­nos Tsoukalas’ recent book Age of Anx­i­ety and will also include read­ings from W.H. Auden, Leonard Cohen, Michael Sandel, Mau­r­izio Laz­zara­to, and Erich Fromm. 
Readings: To Be Announced

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