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Spring 2017 Seminar: The Speculative Caesura: Four Philosophical Tendencies since May, 1968: Situating Critical Philosophy for the 21st Century

A Sem­i­nar with Michael Pelias

Since the event of May 1968 and its great slo­gan, All Pow­er to the Imag­i­na­tion, we have expe­ri­enced and wit­nessed a pro­found regres­sion in polit­i­cal prac­tice and imag­i­na­tion. In this sem­i­nar, four basic philo­soph­i­cal ten­den­cies will be exam­ined in the light of the rad­i­cal imag­i­na­tion. We will inves­ti­gate the rea­sons why the con­ser­v­a­tive imag­i­na­tion has tak­en over in the polit­i­cal and eco­nom­ic spheres, and engage the ten­den­cies on the Left that were some­what coopt­ed and incor­po­rat­ed into the mainstream. 

From a peri­od of slack­en­ing to mar­gin­al resis­tance, through the for­ma­tion of new sub­jec­tiv­i­ties and sub­jec­tion to space to con­tem­po­rary thought about agency and prax­is, the lecture/seminar will begin with Anto­nio Gramsci’s long reflec­tion on What is Phi­los­o­phy? and its role in His­to­ry. We will work through writ­ings from the late sev­en­ties through the eight­ies, and to the sec­ond decade of the 21st cen­tu­ry from authors as diverse as Lyotard, Rorty, Agam­ben, Der­ri­da, Deleuze and Fou­cault, Badiou and Stiegler.

The sem­i­nar will begin on Sat­ur­day, March 11th at Long Island Uni­ver­si­ty — Brook­lyn (Dekalb and Flat­bush), Health Sci­ences Bldg. Room 224 at 1:30 p.m.

Sub­se­quent­ly, we will meet at 12:30pm, at the Insti­tute for the Rad­i­cal Imag­i­na­tion Idea Gallery, 2067 Broad­way (between 71st and 72nd streets) 7th floor, for suc­ces­sive Sat­ur­days until June 10th.

Class­es are $10 for an indi­vid­ual ses­sion or $100 for attend­ing all ses­sions of the sem­i­nar (payable by cash or check in class, or cred­it cards and Pay­Pal below). For details on each class ses­sion, please see the sched­ule below. 

For our first meet­ing, please read “The Study of Phi­los­o­phy” (pages 321–351) in Anto­nio Gramsci’s Selec­tions from the Prison Note­books, edit­ed and trans­lat­ed by Quentin Hoare (Inter­na­tion­al Pub­lish­ers. First edi­tion 1971, last edi­tion, 2005).

List of Readings

  1. Gram­sci, Anto­nio. Selec­tions from the Prison Note­books, trans. by Quentin Hoare (1971)
  2. Lyotard, Jean-Fran­cois. “What is Post­mod­ernism? “ from The Post­mod­ern Con­di­tion (1984)
  3. Rorty, Richard. Achiev­ing Our Coun­try: Left­ist Thought in 20th Cen­tu­ry Amer­i­ca (1998)
  4. Der­ri­da, Jacques. “The Ends of Man.” (1968) From Mar­gins of Philosophy 
  5. Agam­ben, Gior­gio. Homo Sac­er (1998)
  6. Fou­cault, Michel. The Birth of Biopol­i­tics :1978–79 Lec­tures (2008) Pages 1–74
  7. Deleuze, Gilles. “Soci­eties of Con­trol” from Octo­ber
  8. Badiou, Alain. Ethics: An Essay on the Under­stand­ing of Evil (2001)
  9. Stiegler, Bernard. The Re-Enchant­ment of the World (2014)

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Seminar Schedule and Details

march, 2021

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