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Fall 2017 Seminar: Introduction to Dialectics and Dialectical Thinking

In this sem­i­nar, Stan­ley Aronowitz will engage with the prob­lem­at­ic of dialec­ti­cal thought in the Marx­ist tradition.

Dialec­tics has main­tained a pletho­ra of mean­ings, many of them in con­flict with each oth­er. Kant used the term spar­ing­ly and it was Hegel who made dialec­tics the mov­ing force of all things. Marx, although fol­low­ing in the steps of Hegel, did not com­ment direct­ly on what dialec­tics essen­tial­ly is. It was through Engels, using Hegel that dialec­tics was to be applied to both nature and soci­ety. Lukacs, in the 1920’s, dis­agreed and con­sid­ered dialec­tics to refer exclu­sive­ly to social rela­tions where­as nature had laws of its own, In the same decade and for the next forty years, the Frank­furt School philoso­phers were divid­ed on this issue. How­ev­er Adorno, who avoid­ed a direct con­fronta­tion with Mar­cuse on this issue, thought dialec­tics applied to both nature and soci­ety. Through a close read­ing of sem­i­nal texts on dialec­tics and dialec­ti­cal think­ing, this course will explore the var­ie­gat­ed mean­ing of dialec­tics and their rel­e­vance for our con­tem­po­rary situation.

The Sem­i­nar will take place on Sat­ur­days from Octo­ber 14th until Decem­ber 2nd, from 1 to 3pm.

The Idea Fac­to­ry, 2067 Broad­way, 2nd Floor – front room, (between 71st and 72nd Streets.)

$100 for all ses­sions or $15 per session

Read­ings will include:

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