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Current Issue: Volume VIII, nos.1 & 2 (Summer 2019)

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In Memo­ri­am

Agnes Heller, 1929 — 2019 PDF

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Schol­ar­ship with a Purpose

Rage Against the Time Machine: Pes­simis­m’s Ahis­tor­i­cal Ethics vs. Cyn­i­cis­m’s Res­ig­na­tion to Progress
Robert Cow­an PDF

The Longest Sick Day: Gre­gor Sam­sa in the Sov­er­eign Dou­ble Bind
Tony Iantosca PDF

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White Lies: The Emp­ty Sig­ni­fi­er in White Suprema­cy and The Alt.right
Chris Knight PDF

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Essays From the Cul­tur­al Front

The Trump Pres­i­den­cy and the Porni­fi­ca­tion of the Amer­i­can Dream
Dominic Wet­zel PDF

Mat­ter of Fact: Jour­nal­ism and the Fait Accompli
Ross Wolfe PDF

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Crit­i­cal Book Review Essay

The Transin­di­vid­ual Ori­en­ta­tion: A review of Jason Read­’s The Pol­i­tics of Transin­di­vid­u­al­i­ty 
Bruno Gul­li PDF

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