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Current Issue: Vol 7, nos 1 & 2 (Spring 2018)

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Schol­ar­ship with a Purpose

Dwarf­ing Down”: Male Desire and Defeat in Melville’s Mardi
Philip Castile PDF

Ian Cur­tis and the Ger­man Autumn
Don Dom­bowsky PDF

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Slack­er Politics

Slack­ers, Sab­o­tage, and Short­er Hours: Cul­tur­al Pol­i­tics and the Class Struggle
Kristin Lawler PDF

Occu­py the Ham­mock: Beyond the Class ver­sus Cul­tur­al Divide
Michael Roberts PDF

Slack Moth­er­fuck­er: Marx­ist The­o­ries of the Abo­li­tion of Work
Ryan Moore PDF

Why Protest? A Reflec­tion on Individuality
Luca Del­bel­lo PDF

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Crit­i­cal Book Review Essay

Lenin Reloaded Again: A crit­i­cal book review of Tamas Krausz’s Recon­struct­ing Lenin: An Intel­lec­tu­al Biog­ra­phy 
Arto Artin­ian PDF