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Dennis Broe is the author of: "Film Noir, American Workers and Postwar Hollywood; Class, Crime and International Film Noir"; and "Maverick or How the West Was Lost". His current book, to be published in 2018, is Hyperindustrialism and Television Seriality: the end of leisure and the birth of the binge.

Marx and the cinema: labour on screen

Den­nis Broe traces the his­to­ry of the rep­re­sen­ta­tion of labour on screen, and finds inspi­ra­tion for cel­e­brat­ing May Day and con­tin­u­ing Marx’s strug­gle against cap­i­tal­ism. This is Bro on the World Film Beat Break­ing Glass

Framing the Russian Revolution

Den­nis Broe takes West­ern cul­tur­al insti­tu­tions and crit­ics to task for their fail­ure to prop­er­ly con­vey the rev­o­lu­tion­ary ener­gy of Sovi­et art and pol­i­tics after 1917. This month marks the 100th Anniver­sary of the Russ­ian Rev­o­lu­tion,


Cannes Crime 2017: Top 5 Noir Film and Television Series

The two most promi­nent sto­ries at the 70th iter­a­tion of the Cannes Film Fes­ti­val, the ulti­mate com­pe­ti­tion and mar­ket for cin­e­ma, were the increased pres­ence of the stream­ing cable ser­vice Net­flix, which sel­dom even opens

Cannes 2017 — Part 2

This is Bro on the World Film Beat Once Again “Break­ing Glass” at the Cannes Film Fes­ti­val. The prizes are in at the fes­ti­val and first prize, the palme d’or, goes to The Square, a

A frame from "A Ciambra", shown at the Cannes 70 film festival.

Cannes 2017 Breaking Glass (Bro on the World Film Beat)

Bon­jour from Cannes 70. The ven­er­a­ble film fes­ti­val, the largest in the world, turned 70 this year and per­haps is show­ing some signs of age, since not only is the fes­ti­val chang­ing but the whole