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Prosperity Marxism – Episode 11: The New Federalism – Criminalizing the Left in Portland and Beyond

Michael Pelias and Peter Brat­sis dis­cuss the recent deploy­ment of fed­er­al police agents in Port­land with Arun Gupta. 

Arun Gup­ta is a jour­nal­ist who has writ­ten for the Wash­ing­ton Post, The Nation, Raw Sto­ry, The Guardian, and Jacobin. He is a grad­u­ate of the French Culi­nary Insti­tute in New York and author of the upcom­ing “Bacon as a Weapon of Mass Destruc­tion: A Junk Food-Lov­ing Chef’s Inquiry Into Taste” (The New Press). 


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