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Prosperity Marxism – Episode 10: On THE UNIVERSITY AND THE UNDERCOMMONS with Stefano Harney

Michael Pelias and Peter Brat­sis dis­cuss the state of acad­e­mia with Ste­fano Harney. 

Ste­fano Har­ney is the co-author with Fred Moten of The Under­com­mons: fugi­tive plan­ning and black study (2013) and the forth­com­ing All Incom­plete (2020), both from Autonomedia/Minor Com­po­si­tions. He is Hon­orary Pro­fes­sor at The Insti­tute of Gen­der, Race, Sex­u­al­i­ty and Social Jus­tice at the Uni­ver­si­ty of British Colum­bia and a Vis­it­ing Crit­ic at Yale School of Art. Togeth­er with Toni­ka Sealy Thomp­son he runs Ground Pro­vi­sions, a read­ing res­i­den­cy. He is also co-founder of School for Study, a col­lec­tive of teach­ers in high­er edu­ca­tion exper­i­ment­ing with ensem­ble teach­ing. Ste­fano has held teach­ing posi­tions in New York, Leices­ter, Lon­don, and Sin­ga­pore. He holds a Ph.D. from the Uni­ver­si­ty of Cam­bridge and an A.B. from Har­vard University. 

The Under­com­mons: Fugi­tive Plan­ning & Black Study Ste­fano Har­ney and Fred Moten 

In this series of essays Fred Moten and Ste­fano Har­ney draw on the the­o­ry and prac­tice of the black rad­i­cal tra­di­tion as it sup­ports, inspires, and extends con­tem­po­rary social and polit­i­cal thought and aes­thet­ic cri­tique. Today the gen­er­al wealth of social life finds itself con­front­ed by muta­tions in the mech­a­nisms of con­trol, from the pro­lif­er­a­tion of cap­i­tal­ist logis­tics through gov­er­nance by cred­it and man­age­ment of ped­a­gogy. Work­ing from and with­in the social poe­sis of life in the under­com­mons Moten and Har­ney devel­op and expand an array of con­cepts: study, debt, sur­round, plan­ning, and the shipped. On the fugi­tive path of an his­tor­i­cal and glob­al black­ness, the essays in this vol­ume unset­tle and invite the read­er to the self-organ­ised ensem­bles of social life that are launched every day and every night amid the gen­er­al antag­o­nism of the undercommons.

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