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ZeroZeroZero and the Global Drug Trade / #BlackAF and Black Affluence by Dennis Broe

Den­nis Broe con­tin­ues his series with a look at ZeroZe­roZe­ro and the Glob­al Drug Trade, and #Black­AF and Black Afflu­ence Image: Zero, Zero, Zero: Mex­i­can Police in the glob­al drug trade

ZeroZe­roZe­ro, a Sky, Canal + and Ama­zon series based on the Rober­to (Gomor­rah) Saviano book, has two things on its mind. The first is one of Saviano’s major points – that the glob­al drug trade and par­tic­u­lar­ly cocaine now under­pins much of the world’s econ­o­my. There are three loca­tions and groups in the series. The Mex­i­can drug lords har­vest the drugs. An Amer­i­can “respectable” fam­i­ly from New Orleans trans­ports the ship­ment and a clan of the ’Ndrengheta, the Cal­abri­an mafia, dis­trib­utes it.

The sec­ond point is made by the Gabriel Byrne char­ac­ter, who acknowl­edges that his ship­ping enter­prise is only prof­itable because it is a front for trans­port­ing cocaine. The series in its eight episodes tracks the con­tain­ers as they are loaded in Mex­i­co, divert­ed to Africa where in order to avoid cus­toms they wind their way through Dakar in Sene­gal, Jihadists in Mali—who explain that they are at war because they have been dis­en­fran­chised by the French—and Moroc­co, a “civ­i­lized” coun­try where bribery final­ly secures the ship­ment reach­ing the toe of Italy.

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