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Readings for Saturday Critical Thought Seminars – April 6th, 2019

What does it Mean to be Left? with Stanley Aronowitz:

Left Turn: Forg­ing a New Polit­i­cal Future – Chap­ter 2: On Left Polit­i­cal Orga­ni­za­tion: From the New Deal — to the New Left 

Freud and Philosophy: Overcoming the Self and its aporias with Michael Pelias:

We will con­tin­ue to engage the 1915 essay of Freud, “The Uncon­scious” by Sig­mund Freud ( 1915) in the work, Gen­er­al Psy­cho­log­i­cal The­o­ry,

Pages 3–58 ( Book I,“The Plac­ing of Freud”) in Paul Ricoeur’s Freud and Phi­los­o­phy, and

Freud’s 1914 work “On Nar­cis­sism”

The Age of Anxiety Co-taught by Peter Bratsis and Michael Pelias:

Chap­ter 2 — 4 of The Age of Anx­i­ety by Con­stan­tine Tsoucalas