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Call for papers for Summer Workshop

Is There an Alternative?

The Crisis of Politics and the Challenge to Marxist Theory

Kasos, Greece, July 9th-14th, 2019

The val­ues and desires that moti­vat­ed rev­o­lu­tion­ary polit­i­cal move­ments and guid­ed rad­i­cal polit­i­cal think­ing in pre­vi­ous gen­er­a­tions appear to be com­plete­ly absent in the present. The polit­i­cal agen­da that dom­i­nates con­tem­po­rary soci­eties, when not lim­it­ed to ques­tions of how to fos­ter eco­nom­ic growth and accom­mo­date the needs of transna­tion­al cap­i­tal­ism, revolves around the reac­tionary and fascis­tic polit­i­cal val­ues of puri­ty and clean­li­ness. Large­ly absent is any notion of pol­i­tics as cit­i­zens con­tem­plat­ing the eth­i­cal ques­tion of what the best way of liv­ing might be and explor­ing how to trans­form their soci­eties into some­thing new and bet­ter. With­in this moment of the over­whelm­ing ide­o­log­i­cal tri­umph of lib­er­al­ism, Marx­ism is faced with the dif­fi­cult task of explain­ing the con­di­tions that result­ed in this dom­i­nance as well as the rea­sons why Marx­ist and oth­er allied tra­di­tions can­not present a com­pelling alter­na­tive to the vul­gar util­i­tar­i­an, fascis­tic and anti-polit­i­cal, val­ues of lib­er­al­ism.

This work­shop will address the ana­lyt­i­cal and strate­gic ques­tions ded­i­cat­ed to uncov­er­ing how lib­er­al­ism has come to so com­plete­ly dis­place any rad­i­cal alter­na­tives. Tak­ing place on the remote and small island of Kasos, this will be a very inten­sive series of pre­sen­ta­tions and dis­cus­sions. Space is lim­it­ed to 20 work­shop par­tic­i­pants. If you are inter­est­ed in par­tic­i­pat­ing, send a brief abstract of your pro­posed pre­sen­ta­tion along with a cur­ricu­lum vitae to Peter Brat­sis, The work­shop pro­ceed­ing will be pub­lished as a spe­cial issue of the jour­nal Sit­u­a­tions: Project of the Rad­i­cal Imag­i­na­tion.

Spon­sored by the Insti­tute for the Rad­i­cal Imag­i­na­tion, https://radicalimagination.insti­tute.

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