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Marx, Marxism, and Philosophy Today — Seminar Reading List


1st and 2nd weeks: Gram­sci, Anto­nio. “The Study of Phi­los­o­phy” in Prison Note­books, pp. 323–377 (Inter­na­tion­al Pub­lish­ers edi­tion, 2005)

3rd and 4th weeks: Marx, Karl. The Eco­nom­ic and Philo­soph­i­cal Ms. of 1844, edit­ed and intro­duced by Dirk J. Stru­ik (Inter­na­tion­al Pub­lish­ers, 1997)

5th week. Lukacs, Georg. “The Phe­nom­e­non of Reifi­ca­tion” in His­to­ry and Class Con­scious­ness , pp. 83–110. (MIT Press, 1970).

6th week: Korsch, Karl. Marx­ism and Philosophy

Adorno, Theodor. “Why Still Phi­los­o­phy” in Crit­i­cal Mod­els, pp. 5–18. (Colum­bia Uni­ver­si­ty Press, 2005)

7th week: The Ital­ian Schools: Del­la Volpe, Gal­vano. “Ital­ian Hegelian­ism: Croce and Galileo” pp. 229–246 in Log­ic as a Pos­i­tive Sci­ence (NLB, 1980)

Col­let­ti, Lucio. “Hegel and the ‘Dialec­tic of Mat­ter’ “ in Marx­ism and Hegel, pp.7–27. (Ver­so, 1979)

8th week: Sartre, Jean- Paul “Search for a Method”, the intro­duc­tion to Cri­tique of Dialec­ti­cal Rea­son and Lefeb­vre, Hen­ri. Chap­ters 1,4, and 5 in Meta Phi­los­o­phy ( Ver­so 2016)

9th week: Althuss­er, Louis. “The His­tor­i­cal Task of Marx­ist Phi­los­o­phy (1967) “ in The Human­ist Con­tro­ver­sy and Oth­er Writ­ings, pp. 155–220. ( Ver­so, 2009).

10th week: Negri, Anto­nio. ‘Multitudo”,pp.225–261 in Time for Rev­o­lu­tion (Con­tin­u­um, 2003. 2004)

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