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Situations collective is pleased to announce the online and print edition of Situations: Project of the Radical Imagination, Volume VII, nos. 1 and 2, Spring 2018

The Insti­tute for the Rad­i­cal Imag­i­na­tion and the Sit­u­a­tions col­lec­tive is pleased to announce the online and print edi­tion of Sit­u­a­tions: Project of the Rad­i­cal Imag­i­na­tion, Vol­ume VII, nos. 1 and 2, Spring 2018. The print edi­tion will be avail­able in August 2018. The issue fea­tures two excel­lent schol­ar­ly inter­ven­tions of lit­er­ary inter­est. One is a psy­cho­an­a­lyt­i­cal and social approach to Melville’s ear­ly work, Mar­di and its pre fig­u­ra­tive fram­ing of Moby Dick. Authored by Philip Castille, this study also engages in an acute psy­chohis­to­ry and inte­grates some of the cri­sis Melville expe­ri­ences in his per­son­al life into the writer­ly- cre­ative process that deliv­ers Mardi.

The sec­ond schol­ar­ly inter­ven­tion is by Don Dom­bowsky on the rela­tion­ship of Ian Cur­tis to what could be called “Ger­man guilt.” Links are drawn in this essay to Joy Divi­sion’s lyrics and the con­spir­a­to­r­i­al mur­ders of some of the Baad­er- Mein­hof group. Poignant­ly, Dom­bowsky draws the rela­tion­ship of Ian Cur­tis not only to his native Man­ches­ter and its work­ing class con­scious­ness but also to the his­to­ry of work­ing through the past, i.e. plac­ing respon­si­bil­i­ty and moral courage where it belongs and the lev­els of ambi­gu­i­ty this entails.

In this issue, there is a sec­tion devot­ed to Slack­er pol­i­tics and the refusal to work and zero work move­ments. Kristin Lawler sets the tone in the first essay of the group by look­ing for poten­tial sab­o­tage tech­niques while Michael Roberts engages the new “why work?” atti­tude and prac­tice by occu­py­ing the ham­mock. Both authors under­stand very well that cap­i­tal­ism not only steals your mon­ey but more­over, your time. The argu­ments pre­sent­ed in these essays are strong in their advo­ca­cy for short­er hours. Essays by Sit­u­a­tions col­lec­tive mem­bers, Ryan Moore and Luca Del­bel­lo round out this sec­tion of the new Sit­u­a­tions issue.

And final­ly, Arto Artin­ian demands that we rethink Lenin’s role in His­to­ry and his tac­ti­cal and strate­gic val­ue for today’s strug­gles. Through a care­ful read­ing of Tamas Krausz’s crit­i­cal biog­ra­phy of Lenin, Artin­ian actu­al­ly reloads Lenin’s bril­liant strate­gic mind and con­se­quent actions for use in the con­tem­po­rary and crit­i­cal con­junc­ture we inhabit.

We encour­age our read­ers and friends to sub­scribe to the jour­nal. Our next issue will also fea­ture essays that engage lit­er­ary fig­ures and top­ics along­side social and polit­i­cal essays on con­tem­po­rary themes.

Michael Pelias, co-man­ag­ing edi­tor of the jour­nal, Situations.

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